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Duration (philosophy)

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Henri Bergson (–) was one of the most famous and influential French philosophers of the late 19th century-early 20th century. Although his international fame reached cult-like heights during his lifetime, his influence decreased notably after the second World War.

time theories of the philosopher Henri Bergson, and it moves toward a moment of truth that is intended to be literally a revelation of the nature of reality.

Henri Bergson

Strictly, any scheme will do to hold a novel together—raw action, the hidden syllogism of the mystery story. The purpose of this essay will be to draw out the precise contextual meanings Bergson gave to cinema and how they can help us to understand some of the fundamental, and fundamentally philosophical, properties of cinema: movement, fragmentation, and time.

Duration (French: la durée) is a theory of time and consciousness posited by the French philosopher Henri Bergson.

Henri Bergson and the Perception of Time

Bergson sought to improve upon inadequacies he perceived in the philosophy of Herbert Spencer, due, he believed, to Spencer's lack of comprehension of mechanics, which led Bergson to the conclusion that time eluded mathematics. Published: Mon, 5 Dec A very famous French philosopher of late 19th and early 20th century Henri Bergson was born in Paris on October 18th and died on 3rd January at the age of 81 years.

The concept of duration is most developed in Bergson's Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness (), freely available online. Duration is the qualitative continuum of "lasting through" as experienced by a conscious subject, or as present to consciousness (hence the subtitle).

Bergson essay on time
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