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Style of Living of Badjao Essay Sample

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Style of Living of Badjao. The name "Badjao" is a Malay-Bornean word which connotes "man of the seas" or Orang-Laut in Bahasa Malayo. Their Sama and Tausug neighbors call them by pejorative names such as Samal Palau (outcast Samal).

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The badjao call themselves as Samal Laus (Sea Sama). Many badjaos live most of their lives in houseboats. Style of Living of Badjao Essay Sample. The Badjao are popularly known as “Sea Gypsies” of the Sulu and Celebes Sea.

The name “Badjao” is a Malay-Bornean word which connotes “man of the seas” or Orang-Laut in Bahasa Malayo. Generations of living underwater have endowed the Bajau Sea Gypsies with mysterious abilities to see clearly without goggles and reduce oxygen consumption to a tiny fraction of normal levels.

Brad abandons all of his possessions to live as a gypsy and witness. Frankly, the point of my essay was lost on you. This is my experience of living with a community of Bajau who have historically been isolated from modern society so I could see the world from their perspective and tell THEIR story.

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Style of Living of Badjao Essay Sample Style of living of badjao essay
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